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History of Meadow House


I’m still researching the history of Meadow House, but as it was once part of one larger estate and is one of the largest houses in the village. The main house (which is our part), consists of 75% of the original house. The remaining 25% represented the servants quarters, which led to a stable and coach house and then onto a gardener's cottage. This can be seen if you study the house from the cliff path. The house originally had uninterrupted views across a meadow to the village church and still enjoys far reaching views to the sea. It may have been the Vicarage, but we have yet to confirm this.


Parts of the house date back to the 17C and has Flemish design influences, with it's stepped gable ends and wave shaped wooden decoration that edge the roof line. It's known that the Lang element of MacFarlane Lang Biscuits, aka McVitie and now United Biscuits lived here at the turn of the 20C. During the WWII it became the Officers' Mess for the gun emplacement which can still be seen today - locally known as The Bunkers!  North Norfolk was heavily defended during this period and the beaches mined, as it was considered the landing point for a German invasion. Our garden still features what we think was an ammunition dump (now garden shed. the bunker) and has an underground (now sealed) tunnel to the gun emplacement. 


The local Doctor Miller lived here for 30 years until the millennium, after which a London banker purchased it with a view to restoring it, but he lacked the time and we purchased it off him in 2005. 


We have spent a lot of time and money on Meadow House, being sympathetic to its history and design. In 2014 we added a major extension off the kitchen, which we hope is in keeping with the style of the house, to allow us to accommodate everyone in one space for dining and entertaining.


The work is ongoing and we will continue to improve the house and ensure our guests enjoy it to. I think it's  important for guests to know your rental is contributing to the future development and preservation of an important village house and to the revenue of the local economy.


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