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Our Story


Once upon a time I use to book holiday houses in Norfolk and I became so fed up with raising my expectations to stay in lovely homes, when all we experienced was bland interiors filled with cheap furnishings, so back in 2003 we decided to buy our own home, but it didn't happen overnight! We saved, we collected and we restored 3 houses (in Mundesley), doing much of the work ourselves, to get to what we think is a perfect beach house retreat - Meadow House!


In 2019 an opportunity arose to purchase Admiral House. Witnessing the success of Meadow, we took the plunge and opened our second stunning  holiday house. 

Admiral House has many of the same features that makes these homes a success - including incredible sea views and beach access. 


Don't expect a boutique hotel, or a contemporary vision, we don't have TV's in every room or 'en-suites' everywhere! We believe the house should be a home and a holiday a shared experience, so yes there's space to chill and relax, but equally there's room to gossip over a good glass of vino, or all the kit for a terrific day spent on the beach.


Luckily for our guests, I (Simon) also love technology, so whilst your can enjoy the comforts of a beautiful period home, you also get Wifi, Smart TV's and stunning audio provided by my obsession with B&O. Whereas Talia loves food and cooking, so you hopefully will enjoy Aga cooking and a fully stocked kitchen.


We love it and we know our guests love it too. So that's why we ask all our guests to tell us what's missing immediately. If it's not there we will go and buy it for you to make your stay the best ever. I can't fix what I don't know is broken!


Whether you are down for a off season break or a summer holiday, we aim to provide everything you need for the perfect holiday - I do hope you enjoy Meadow and Admiral House.













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